Wet Lamination Adhesive

Water-based Wet Bond Acrylic Lamination/Cold Lamination adhesive for Film to Paper /paper board.


For lamination of plastic film like clear PET, clear BOPP, MPET to printed paper, silver /gold cardboard, paperboard, duplex board.

  • Application through all standard roller /anilox roller/rubber rollers applicators, automatic or semiautomatic machine.
  • Speed 50-60sheets/min
  • BOPP corona treated above 38 Dyne
  • PET corona treated above 42 Dyne
  • Adhesive suitable for lamination of PET, BOPP, METPET
  • Utilized in lamination manufacturing of catalogs, prospectus, brochures, placards, labels, books, paper carry bags, visiting cards, food trays, paper boxes and packaging cartons etc

Water based acrylic polymer emulsion adhesive designed for wet bonding /cold laminating or lamination without heating.

  • Formaldehyde free and odor free
  • Retains good bond at low temperature
  • Good powder coverage
  • No wrinkle, tunneling or star mark even on exposing laminates to sun or afterwards
  • Paper or Board laminated with High gloss
  • Easy clean up after use

Wet bond lamination is the process of coating the adhesive to plastic film, subsequently drying the adhesive with air flow (at room temperature) or heat (40˚C sometime for speeding up the process) and then laminating the adhesive to a second substrate (paper/paper board/cardboard etc.) via a cold compression nip.

Wet Lamination Adhesives
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