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Cosmo Speciality Chemicals is the most reliable Flexible Packaging Adhesive Manufacturer in India. We are known to produce the highest-quality Flexible Packaging Laminates. Polyurethanes were discovered in 1937 by researchers with the poly-addition of poly-isocyanate and polyol. Since the 1950s, the discovery has been employed in adhesives, but it has many other industrial uses as well.

Taking scientific legacy forward, Cosmo Speciality Chemicals developed two component solvent free adhesives for manufacturing flexible packaging laminates more sustainably. The solvent free polyurethane adhesive, as green product, is especially designed to improve operational safety and provide lower cost at faster machine speed.

Two-component polyurethanes are well-known for their excellent adhesion, high mechanical properties, and good chemical resistance. Our combination package of two component PU adhesive include polyols and poly-isocyanates pre-polymers. The two components, the resin and the hardener are mixed just before application. Ratios of polyols and isocyanate pre-polymer can vary. The proper recommended mix ratio and thorough mixing are vital to reaching suitable performance properties for a specific application through a chemical reaction. Compared to one-component polyurethane adhesives, two-component PU adhesives cure faster and don't need the addition of moisture or heat to set. We've got the lead with consumer-focused, high-impact flexible packaging laminates. Join forces with us if you care about the environment.

What makes flexible packaging adhesives resourceful?

High quality and superior performance of flexible adhesives make them beneficial for packaging. These adhesives improve the shelf-life of food products with high grade packaging.

Why is Cosmo Speciality Chemicals reliable for flexible packaging adhesive production?

The optimum utilization of eco-friendly compounds and additives make flexible packaging adhesive production at Cosmo Speciality Chemicals, reliable. With the sustainable chemistry, we are revolutionizing the approach towards high grade packaging products that focuses on toxic-free process.

Which type of flexible packaging adhesive are highly demanded?

Solvent-based Polyurethane and Solventless Polyurethane adhesives are highly demanded in the market due to their utility. Besides, cold seal coatings are popular in food manufacturing process.

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