Our everyday life is inconceivable without Pressure sensitive adhesives. Applications of PSAs expand day by day in various areas of industry. PSAs are versatile adhesives can be found in products like general purpose labels, electronic, packaging, and medical, all kinds of tapes, are ever present in our lives. PSA’s are a type of non-reactive adhesive that forms a bond when pressure is applied to bond the adhesive with a surface. Solvents, water, or heat are not required to activate the pressure sensitive adhesive. Being a leading pressure sensitive adhesive manufacturer and supplier in India, we offer high performance PSAs that allow businesses to improve the efficiency of their products. Our water-based Pressure Sensitive Adhesives are suitable for general and high performance applications.

Water-based acrylic pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs) are one of the major categories of PSAs. Water-based acrylic pressure sensitive adhesives are advantageous in many ways. This category of PSAs can perform in a wide temperature range and under unfavourable conditions, depending on the base polymer backbone and formulation. Surface protection and removable applications can both benefit from water-based pressure sensitive adhesives, which can be engineered to leave no residue. Waterborne acrylic PSA offers many advantages: good UV, thermal stability, low cost, low hazards, environmental friendliness. We have a range of water based pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA) for general purpose & specialty applications with excellent process -ability and holding power. Our water-borne PSAs provide superior adhesion of labels on glass, metal & plastic. Our PSA products are typically machine-ready with no dilution needed and offer fast machinability.

CSC's pressure sensitive adhesives are available in both liquid and solid forms so as to help you choose according to your unique requirements. In addition to India, we export our pressure sensitive adhesives to Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, and other countries.
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In which applications are pressure sensitive adhesives used?

Pressure sensitive adhesives have shown versatility for various industries and generally, used for food packaging, food labels, electronics and bandages. These non-reactive adhesives are regularly used in a wide range of applications due to their effective mechanism.

What are the primary characteristics of pressure sensitive adhesives?

The adhesive technology, ease of use, cost-effective availability and a popular fastening solution altogether make pressure sensitive adhesives resourceful.

Is the manufacturing process of pressure sensitive adhesives eco-friendly?

Yes, of course! Cosmo Speciality Chemicals has always emphasized on the eco-friendly utility and sustainable science for the production of pressure sensitive adhesives. All the stages of manufacturing process are backed by formulations that keep the ecosystem intact.

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