What are the Benefits of Choosing Cosmo Adhesives

What are the Benefits of Choosing Cosmo Adhesives

The global adhesive market is rapidly changing with the substantial increase in demand for eco-friendly adhesives. As sustainability has taken the front seat for driving business operations manufacturers and converters are steadily switching to greener chemicals for more recyclable packaging and lamination material.  

Adhesives are an integral part of packaging. Environment friendly adhesives can have a huge impact on sustainability crisis in packaging industry. Chemical manufacturers are actively innovating clean and ecofriendly adhesion solutions and Cosmo Speciality Chemical is committed to the cause too.

What is CSC?

Cosmo speciality chemicals is one of the leading adhesive manufacturers in India.  Driven by the idea to promote sustainable chemistry through state-of-the-art technology, Cosmo produces eco-friendly solutions that aims to improve product quality without compromising with environment. But advantage of CSC is not just restrained to sustainability. It has other major benefits as well.

Here are few major advantages of switching to CSC adhesives:

  1. Sustainability- With global focus shifting towards sustainability, primary focus of adhesive industry is leaning towards making their adhesives cleaner, greener, and better. Eco friendly adhesives are important for creating a completely sustainable brand.  Water based Cosmo adhesives are driven with innovative technologies. Solvent free in nature, CSC adhesives are formulated to add quality without compromising with ecosystem.It uses biodegradable materials and is free of heavy metals and Phthalate.
  • Durability – Durability is a very important parameter for a good adhesive. Cosmo Adhesives offer exceptional bond with great durability.   It can withstand exposure to environmental conditions and maintain the same quality of bond strength without damaging the appearance of the final product in long run. These adhesives offer excellent shelf life to bonded substrates and retain good bond strength at low temperature. In the adhesive universe resistance also impacts the durability of the bond strength. Cosmo Solvent free PU adhesives come with excellent heat and chemical resistance properties for extended brand visibility.
  • Strong bonds – All adhesives in Cosmo portfolio create offer great bond strength.  It ensures that substrate remains bonded even under stressful conditions. With good peel strength, sheer resistance, and great tack value CSC adhesive solutions provide long lasting adhesion to support your brand presence.
  • Productivity and Efficiency – Fast dry & cure time increases efficiency and accelerates productivity. Cosmobond adhesives are best in industry and offer incredibly strong bonds with short drying time. It improves assembly quality while decreasing production costs. Compatible for high machine speed operations, CSC solutions makes processing simple and free of errors.  Additionally, it offers safe application and handling that increases operational safety.  These adhesives are highly cost efficient, have low energy requirement, long pot life, are easy to clean & hassle free to use.
  • Versatile - CSCenhances and elevates brand presentation for a vast variety of application. Its can be used in all types of general to high performance applications structure for flexible packaging, labels, and lamination. It is available as per application need.
  • High regulatory compliance – Cosmo Speciality Adhesives are certified to comply with indirect food contact regulations and have fast migration compliance for food safety. CSC product design is in accordance with FDA standard & safety regulations. Cosmo Polyurethane adhesive is solvent free water-based solution with no odour & no migration.

Cosmo speciality chemical is committed to sustainable science and innovation.  It is driven to manufacture excellent adhesive solution that assists you to offer best experience to the end user.

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