Sustainable Adhesives for Packaging

Sustainable Adhesives for Packaging

Focus on sustainability is completely revolutionising the adhesive industry. Growing awareness towards need to adopt sustainable adhesive solutions for flexible packaging is growing rapidly. Modern technology in chemical industries is being heavily invested in finding green and clean chemical solution for converters and manufacturers and the whole adhesive universe is evolving.

What are sustainable adhesives?

Sustainable or green adhesives are primarily designed to minimize the environmental impact of packaging and lamination industry. They are made from recyclable, toxin free material and address the health and safety regulations of food packaging and operations.

Sustainable adhesives are simply adhesives that do not a heavy carbon footprint. They are used to bond two or multiple substrates together to form a packaging laminate that ensures the food is not contaminated from external environment elements as well as the adhesive used in its packaging.

What are the types of sustainable adhesives?

  • Water based Adhesives- Water based adhesives use water instead of solvent component. They do not have volatile organic compounds and hence eliminate VOC emissions. Often easy to handle, safe for operations, these adhesives are eco-friendly and toxin free. Flexible packaging, label and lamination industry have vast application potential for water-based adhesion solutions.
  • Recyclable Adhesives – Recyclable adhesives are increasingly becoming popular as they facilitate easy recycling of bonded substrates.  These adhesives carry thermoplastic properties that makes them easy to melt from exposure to heat. They leave low residue and makes it easier to separate apart two well bonded material.
  • Solventless adhesives -Solventless adhesives eliminate the need for volatile solvents or any kind of solvents in their composition. Absence of solvents reduces waste generation, disposal costs and VOC emissions. Solventless PU adhesives are known for their strong bond, versatile applications, and fast curing in flexible packaging.
  • Biodegradable Adhesives – Adhesive industry is revolutionised through innovation of biodegradable adhesives. Theses super sustainable adhesives that easily breakdown into harmless compounds over time. They are highly suited for industries like food and flexible packaging as it has a huge ecological footprint from disposable products.
  • UV Curable Adhesives – UV- curable adhesives use UV light for curing. They don’t use heat or solvent and are highly energy efficient.
  • PSA – Pressure sensitive adhesives or PSAs are also known for their low VOC levels. They are a type of non-reactive adhesive that forms a bond when pressure is applied to bond the adhesive with a surface. PSAs create sustainable long-lasting bonds that in long run eliminate waste generation and resource wastage. It minimises material usage and provides operational safety.
  • Bio- based Adhesives – Bio based adhesives are derived from natural resources such as plants, algae, starch, vegetable oil, natural waxes & resins. They can be widely used in packaging, textile, and binding applications.  These adhesives are ecofriendly and guarantee sustainability.

Why choose sustainable adhesives?

  • Reduced waste – Sustainable adhesives can significantly contribute to reducing waste generation. They are manufactured with minimal waste and often promote a circular economy that is aligned with recycle, reuse, and repurpose principles.
  • High compliance – Sustainable adhesives are compliant with environment regulations as well as health and safety standards. Adhesives free of heavy metal and toxic solvents are ideal for food packaging as they do not contaminate food and create a health hazard.
  • Long term viability – Sustainable adhesives are great for long term use. they can reduce depletion of valuable resources, address pollution concerns and boost sustainability for each application it is used for.  It can contribute to the long-term sustainability goals of a business.
  • Brand image – Sustainable adhesives can truly amp up brand visibility among environment conscious customer. Use of green adhesives create a truly sustainable brand essence and gives a market edge that appeals to the customer. It overall improves brand reputation of a business.
  • Innovative – “Green” adhesives are innovative and cutting edge. They promote application innovation in packaging and labelling industry. Biodegradable, compostable, repulpable, recyclable adhesives are currently trending in the market and have huge potential to completely change the adhesive industry.

Sustainability in packaging is a prime concern for growing businesses as well as consumers. It is highly important to prioritize the role of adhesives in it. Cosmo Speciality Chemicals is a committed to this cause. One of the leading manufacturers of chemicals is India, CSC your best bet for sustainable, high quality solventless PU adhesives and Dry lamination adhesives.

To know more about our sustainable range, connect with our chemical experts and chose the best adhesive as per application need.