Cosmo Speciality Chemicals: An Emerging Textile Chemicals Manufacturer in India
emerging textile chemical manufacturer

Cosmo Speciality Chemicals: An Emerging Textile Chemicals Manufacturer in India

Cosmo Speciality Chemicals (CSC) is a subsidiary of Cosmo Films Ltd. With a strong team of research scientists and a state of the art lab with sophisticated equipment, we at CSC are paving a path towards creating innovative and sustainable pre-treatment, dyeing and finishing auxiliaries for the textile industry.
We believe in enriching lives with chemistry, responsibly. Our vision is to be a preferred speciality chemicals company, constantly innovating for a better & safer tomorrow and to provide eco-friendly consumer-centric products that bring in enhanced functionalities and aesthetics.

Here are some aspects that differentiates us from our competitors-

Research & Development

Our state of the art R&D facility has several sophisticated machines and tools that equip our team of scientists and highly experienced chemical engineers to perform actions at molecular levels and ensure the functionality of each product.

The R&D team of CSC is enriched with talents from IITs, NITs, UDCT & other renowned universities, and, in-depth knowledge on molecular chemistry. It has a well-equipped lab that is dedicated to the product, its application development & evaluation processes.

Some of many such processes are:

  • Microscopic Analysis

We conduct high-efficiency microscopic analysis of each material to fully understand its properties. This helps us to find the nature of various bonds in additive products to ensure efficiency in the textile industry. We have state-of-the-art labs with a high-resolution optical microscope (Leica) and two Scanning Electron Microscopes (Phenom and ICON).

  • Thermo gravimetric Analysis

Thermo gravimetric analysis is a process that we utilize in our laboratories, which helps us accurately assess the thermal stability of materials and their reaction affinity to elements such as nitrogen. This allows us to identify several unknown and new molecules produced during R&D processes.

Core Values

Cosmo is a company built on the foundation of a few core values. These are:

  • Responsibility

Responsibility being our core value, we ensure that our products are safe for the consumer, society, and the environment.

  • Innovation

Driven by consumer needs, and backed by a strong tech infrastructure, we promote technology-based innovations.

  • Sustainability

We practice and believe in Sustainability, and value our resources and processes in a way that secures not just consumer needs, but also that of future generations.

  • Integrity

Our integrity is a defining factor because we incorporate the values of transparency and accountability in our daily material dealings and fulfilling consumer needs.

  • Diversity

We are not just a brand for our stakeholders, but also an abode of inclusiveness. Our internal policies reflect and promote diversity cutting across all walks of life and culture.

  • Trust

We believe in maintaining reliable and symbiotic relationships with our stakeholders so that our success bonds with their wellbeing throughout the journey.

With the growing need for sustainability, textile brands are continuously on a lookout for more sustainable options for pre-treatment, dyeing and post treatment textile chemicals for their products. At Cosmo Speciality Chemicals, we have specialized and tailor made products that offer flexibility, reduced energy consumption and reduction in effluents.

Let us together build a more sustainable future with engineering excellence. Reach out to our experts today.