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Chemical Today Magazine - Mr. Poddar’s interview on the textile industry Magazine Coverage September 2021

Chemical Today, September 2021:

Pankaj Poddar, Chairman of Cosmo Speciality Chemicals & CEO of Cosmo Films Limited talks at length about the ways in which technical textile industry is becoming the sunrise sector for India and how it is reshaping the future of the Indian textile industry. ...Read More

Chemical Weekly Magazine : Launch of Eco Clay Magazine Coverage August 2021

Chemical Weekly, August 2021:

Cosmo Speciality Chemicals launches clay-bases sourcing agent for textile industry. ...Read More

The Apparel Times - Mr. Pankaj Poddar’s interview on Fabritizer Magazine Coverage August 2021

The Apparel Times Magazine, August 2021:

Fabritizer forms a protective layer on the garments and provides 99.9% protection against viruses and bacteria. ...Read More

Chemical Weekly : Launch of Cosmotex AVB Magazine Coverage July 2021

Chemical Weekly, July 2021:

Cosmo Speciality Chemicals has unveiled a new textile finishing agent, Cosmotex AVB which has antibacterial and antiviral properties effective against the human Coronavirus (229 E, ISO 18184). Check out the complete story in Chemical Weekly Magazine. ...Read More

Chemical Weekly : Launch of Microenz BS Magazine Coverage

Chemical Weekly, June 2021:

Microenz BS is Cosmo Speciality Chemicals' new eco-friendly alkaline pectate lyase for reducing damage of fabric in the textile industry. Check out the complete story in Chemical Weekly Magazine. ...Read More