Anti Viral & Anti Bacterial Finishing agent


Anti bacterial & Anti Viral finishing and effective against Human corona virus.


  • It is Very effective against Human corona virus (ISO18184 (229E), AATCC 100-2019, JISL1902) all test result is pass. 
  • Gives an invisible & durable anti microbial and anti viral effect. 
  • Provides anti static property to the surface.
  • Retentive covalently bonded chemistry leads to non leaching behavior in waste water stream.
  • Effectively inhibits the growth of bacteria, Mold / Mildew and algae.
  • Protects against microbial deterioration, discoloration and odor.
  • It is non leachable type Anti viral and Anti bacterial product so its durablity is more it is non toxic & Ecofriendly in nature.
  • Compatible to cationic and non ionic softeners.


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With Cosmotex AVB