Eco Clay



A multifunctional product for scouring and bleaching.


  • It is based on this mineral technology.
  • A clay-based multifunctional auxiliary for the discontinuous bleaching of cotton with hydrogen peroxide on jets, winches, and overflows.
  • Excellent hydrogen peroxide stabilizer.
  • Unique wash performance.
  • Good wetting out of the fabric.
  • Excellent lubrication properties.
  • Low foaming; no defoamer required.
  • Ecologically very friendly.
  • Gives fabric a smooth handle.

Advantages of ECO CLAY process against conventional process

  • Eco clay allows almost 35% reduction in the BOD & COD levels in the wash effluent.
  • Eco clay further reduces the COD/BOD levels by eliminating/reducing the need for additional auxiliaries in treatment baths i.e. wetting agents, chelating agents, surfactants, lubricants & defoamers.
  • Eco clay is non-foaming & extremely effective in removing processing oils & excess auxiliaries & other impurities from the substrates. Treated substrates are cleaner which improves dyeability & dye penetration resulting in increased colour yields.
  • Good Stabilizing effect to provide good scouring action and higher degree whiteness.
  • Excellent extracting effect to silicone or mineral oils from elastane fibers when blended with cotton / polyamide / polyester.
  • Heavy metals adsorption reduction of potential pin holes problem.
  • Softness effect on cotton fiber anti crease mark effect.
  • It is suitable for processing all textile materials i.e. all fibres, filament, yarns, fabric & all products made from them. They include textured & non textured filaments & yarns, woven, knitted or non-woven fabrics.
  • Minimum loss in weight during processing.

Process of Eco Clay For Cotton Knits, Terry Towel & Yarn

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