Sustainable chemicals

Sustainability – The Future of Modern Fashion Industry

For most companies, sustainability is a marketing buzzword that is heavily advertised and, most of the time, used as a filler in corporate communication. But does 'sustainability' hold the same meaning in the context of the Fashion In
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Textile processing

Relevance of pre-treatment in textile processing

Introduction Textile pre-treatment is one of the most important segments in the textile industry to improve the quality of fabric and reduction in input costs. Textile pre-treatment processes consumes about 12–15% of the overall
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Why are silicone softeners being rapidly adopted by the textile industry?

Silicone softeners were once considered a novelty product but are now being widely adopted by the textile industry. From cotton mills & polyester manufacturers to garment manufacturers – all have adopted the use of silicone soft
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textile finishing chemicals

Chemical finishing and its importance in the textile industry

What is chemical finishing in the context of textile? In the textile industry, chemical finishing is a process used to protect textiles from stains, discoloration and damage from soiling. It shields the fabric from various environm
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How to Keep Your Winter Fabric Soft and Antibacterial for a Long Time?

The winter fabric industry especially welcomes the onset of winters. By the end of November, the demand for winter clothing starts to see a jump. But the inventory needs special care and handling to be continuously demanded by the end
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Silicone Softeners

Role of Silicone Softeners in Textile Processing

Textile processing is an essential part of the textile manufacturing process. Majorly, it involves processing the textile through Pretreatment, Dyeing, and Finishing phases, sequentially. Pretreatment prepares the textile for the dyei
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Superwash Pol – A Textile Anti-Tinting Agent That Works Like A Magic

The textiles of different colors and patterns are the most profitable and the fastest moving items for the textile industry. However, preserving the pattern and colors is a pressing issue, and it requires processing textiles with a sp
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eco clay

ECO Clay – A Clay-based Scouring Agent by Cosmo Speciality Chemicals

Recognizing the excellent properties that clay possesses, Cosmo Speciality Chemicals, a 100% subsidiary of Cosmo Films Limited, has launched an innovative clay-based cleaning product for textile pre-treatment. The pre-treatment or
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emerging textile chemical manufacturer

Cosmo Speciality Chemicals: An Emerging Textile Chemicals Manufacturer in India

Cosmo Speciality Chemicals (CSC) is a subsidiary of Cosmo Films Ltd. With a strong team of research scientists and a state of the art lab with sophisticated equipment, we at CSC are paving a path towards creating innovative and sustai
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