How to Make Sustainable Fashion Choices during the Festive Season?

With Diwali approaching and our social calendar filling up with festive events, it's time to start planning what to wear this festive season. But do you make your fashion choices keeping the environment in mind?You may find this qu
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Sequestering Agents

Importance of Sequestering Agent in Textile Processing

Sequestering Agents play a crucial role in Textile Processing. They are used in a variety of applications to minimize the interfering effects produced by dissolved metal salts, notably calcium or magnesium salts. In this post, we s
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Sequestering Agent

Eco-Friendly Ways to Prevent Corrosion of Metal Parts in Garments

Metal parts in some garments play a crucial role. For example, metal buttons in denim and other clothing. Aside from that, fancy accessories of metal are used to embellish fabrics. However, you cannot deny that metal tends to corrode.
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Top 7 Types of Industrial Adhesives and Their Uses

There are several varieties of industrial adhesives available on the market today. These adhesives are put to use in a variety of projects, such as building and maintenance by a wide range of businesses. Businesses invest substanti
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Impact of Environment-Friendly Packaging on the Adhesive Industry

Companies all over the world are making significant advancements by utilizing environmentally friendly packaging. They are coming up with unique ideas, which include the use of banana leaves as packaging, the substitution of aluminum
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Sustainable chemicals

Sustainability – The Future of Modern Fashion Industry

For most companies, sustainability is a marketing buzzword that is heavily advertised and, most of the time, used as a filler in corporate communication. But does 'sustainability' hold the same meaning in the context of the Fashion In
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Textile processing

Relevance of pre-treatment in textile processing

Introduction Textile pre-treatment is one of the most important segments in the textile industry to improve the quality of fabric and reduction in input costs. Textile pre-treatment processes consumes about 12–15% of the overall
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Why are silicone softeners being rapidly adopted by the textile industry?

Silicone softeners were once considered a novelty product but are now being widely adopted by the textile industry. From cotton mills & polyester manufacturers to garment manufacturers – all have adopted the use of silicone soft
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textile finishing chemicals

Chemical finishing and its importance in the textile industry

What is chemical finishing in the context of textile? In the textile industry, chemical finishing is a process used to protect textiles from stains, discoloration and damage from soiling. It shields the fabric from various environm
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How to Keep Your Winter Fabric Soft and Antibacterial for a Long Time?

The winter fabric industry especially welcomes the onset of winters. By the end of November, the demand for winter clothing starts to see a jump. But the inventory needs special care and handling to be continuously demanded by the end
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