Superwash Pol – A Textile Anti-Tinting Agent That Works Like A Magic

The textiles of different colors and patterns are the most profitable and the fastest moving items for the textile industry. However, preserving the pattern and colors is a pressing issue, and it requires processing textiles with a speciality chemical to prevent them from bleeding dye. 

The treatment of dyed fabrics to prevent leeching dyes to preserve the colors and patterns is an important and non-exclusive step.

Due to the intense use of dyes and colors, the textile is prone to dye bleeding. Other dyes, such as reactive dyes, can also bleed if dyeing operation is not concluded with a Dye Transfer Inhibitor. 

Bleeding dyes may create several problems, and not using a DTI agent may lead to:

  • Redeposition of bleeding dyes on one another in dye bath resulting in batch rejection.
  • Poor Color Fastness, resulting in textile color fading.
  • Waste of costly dyes.
  • Increased load on water treatment plant because of bleeding dyes in water effluent.  

Such issues justify the post-processing of the textile with an anti-tinting chemical that prevents the bleeding dye from staining the fabrics.

Superwash POL-A DTI Agent

Specially formulated as an Anti-Tinting agent, Superwash POL is a textile treatment chemical developed to prevent dye bleeding. Being an important constituent of cleaners for textiles, it binds the dye to the fabric and holds its redisposition on white or different colored textiles also present in the wash.

Benefits of using Superwash POL

  • Cost/Benefits Ratio: Since the quantity required for effective results is very low, Superwash POL offers an excellent cost/benefit ratio. 
  • Highly Effective: It is the most effective dye transfer inhibitor for liquid laundry and is effective in different shades of dyes. 
  • Suitable for different blends: Superwash POL is equally good on textiles like cotton, polyester & blends.
  • Improves Garment Wet fastness Properties: Superwash POL improves fastness properties like Wash Wet & Dry rub fastness of dyed and printed goods.
  • Effective against hard water: This dye transfer inhibiting agent is effective in hard water and suitable for a wide PH range.
  • Avoids tinting of printed goods: Helps in avoiding tinting of ground of printed goods.
  • Anionic surfactant compatible: Superwash POL is compatible with anionic surfactants; hence it prevents dye bleeding when the textile is treated with surfactants having an anionic and molecular structure. 
  • Applications: The agent is suitable for use in continuous and exhaust processes. It does not foam; thus is ideal for Jet and soft flow machines.

The science behind the magic

Fabrics, especially cotton and its blends, tend to pick up solubilized or suspended dyes from the dye bath solution and to prevent the redeposition of dye particles in operation, the use of a DTI is required.

Superwash POL is a Dye Transfer Inhibitor (DTI) agent. It binds dyes to the fabrics preventing bleeding. It does so by creating an amphiphilic character with hydrophilic properties in the polar groups and hydrophobic properties in unipolar groups at the molecular level.

Here is the schematic diagram showing it working:

  • After dyeing, the unfixed dyes are attached to the fabrics.
  • After DTI treatment, as per polarity, the soaping agent attacks the unfixed dye.

Then the unfixed dyes are shrouded with the soaping agents and drop off and stay in the dispersion form.


Superwash POL is a highly effective DTI agent, and it has the edge over other DTI agents. Concluding the dyeing process with Superwash POL ensures uniform colors and improves wet fastness properties. It works equally well in hard water, and for effective results, it is required in very little quantity. Superwash POL is tailored to cater to the challenges posed by colored textiles and works like magic. 

Superwash POL is a continuation of our strong research and development capabilities at Cosmo Speciality Chemicals. Cosmo Speciality Chemicals is a 100% subsidiary of Cosmo Films Limited. We strive to bring eco-friendly and consumer-centric textile auxiliaries that offer enhanced functionalities and aesthetics to our customers.