Eco-Friendly Ways to Prevent Corrosion of Metal Parts in Garments
Sequestering Agent

Eco-Friendly Ways to Prevent Corrosion of Metal Parts in Garments

Metal parts in some garments play a crucial role. For example, metal buttons in denim and other clothing. Aside from that, fancy accessories of metal are used to embellish fabrics. However, you cannot deny that metal tends to corrode. Hence, they should be prevented from getting corrosion.

In this post, we shall discuss two of the best and most eco-friendly ways garment manufacturers can use to prevent the corrosion of metal parts in garments.

So, let’s get started…

Before we move to the ways, let’s first know about the agent that helps prevent the corrosion of metal parts.

  • Sequestering Agent

Sequestering agents, also known as chelating agents, are supplementary chemicals that form complexes with water-borne metal ions such as calcium, magnesium, and iron. These complexes have a variety of effects on the processing of textiles. When dying any kind of fabric, using these agents is necessary.

It is helpful to take precautions to reduce the impact that dissolved metal salts have on the dyeing process. The action of sequestering agents is driven by a mechanism that involves the formation of complexes, the majority of the time in the form of chelation.

Sequestering agent must first build a complex ion that is incapable of undergoing the same chemical processes as the ion that is being removed from a solution system before it can successfully remove a metal ion from the solution system.

It is essential to make use of these agents to eliminate water hardness in addition to heavy metals such as iron and copper, both of which can affect the scouring process.

The concepts of sequestration are utilized in the development of sequestering agents. It does this by causing a sequestering agent and a polyvalent metal ion to combine in water to produce a soluble complex. The method can be used to soften water; however, it is more commonly employed as a component in various textile wet processing steps to remove metallic ions that interfere with the process.

Two Most Effective Sequestering Agents

The two most effective and eco-friendly sequestering agents include,

Cosmo’s Sequest SA

Cosmo’s Sequest DM

Let’s now understand each one by one. Here we go…

1. Sequest SA

Sequest SA is a powerful sequestering or chelating agent produced by Cosmo Speciality Chemicals. It is a compound that forms an environmentally valuable auxiliary with metals that are present in water, such as iron, calcium, and magnesium, and it has many different effects on the processing of textiles. The solubility of anionic dyes is decreased by calcium and magnesium ions. In such a situation, Sequest SA comes in for the rescue.

Key Features of Sequest SA

• It is effective in hard water and suited for a wide pH range

• It has excellent calcium, magnesium, and iron binding capacity combined with good dispersion capability

• It can be used in pre-treatment processes, such as desizing, and bleaching with hydrogen peroxide

• It helps prevent corrosion of metal parts in the garment.

2. Sequest DM

Another wonderful sequestering agent produced by Cosmo Speciality Chemicals is Sequest DM. It is a demineralizing agent that helps remove iron from textile goods. Also, it increases the whiteness index of the textile. In addition, it offers a solution to the problem of pinholes, which can appear in many of the wet processing processes of textile production, particularly the bleaching process.

Key Features of Sequest DM

• Sequest DM is effective as demineralizer and suited for a wide range of pH to chelate iron

• It offers great iron binding capacity combined with good dispersion property

• It is applicable in pre-treatment processes such as demineralizing and bleaching with hydrogen peroxide

• Sequest DM is an organic complexing agent with excellent chelation activity

• It improves the overall whiteness index of the garment after the subsequent bleaching process.

• The best thing about Sequest DM is that it is easily washed away and produces very little foam

• It prevents corrosion of the metal components of the garment.

Wrapping it up…

So, these are the two most effective ways to prevent the corrosion of metal parts in garments.

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